THE LUCKY STRIKES - Twelve Past Midnight (SOB001 - 1996)

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Why is it that musicians from Austin, Texas just seem to do every thing right? Take The Lucky Strikes for instance. At a time when everyone and their brother is jumping on the neo, retro, swing thang, it takes a band out of Austin to remind us how it should be done.

Taking nothing away from the Big Bad Voodoo Daddies, the Cherry Poppin' Daddies, and any other daddies you care to name, when it comes to swing, The Lucky Strikes are the most authentic. At their live shows you can't tell the originals from the covers. And one spin of their last release, Twelve Past Midnight, transports you back to the best days of Ellington, Porter, and Sinatra.

I caught up with The Lucky Strikes two weeks ago at Club Bene in Sayreville. Fronted by singer/songwriter/guitarist Crag Marshall, The Strikes... performed a terrific mix of originals and classic standards. Some of the night's more memorable musical moment came on gems like, "Someone Elses's Dream" (1st class original), "Swing Let's Swing" (new on/heavy Sinatra vibe) "Why Not Fall in Love" (way cool original), "When You'll Be Mine (a swing for lovers gem),...

Hey This was a flawless performance by a group of inspired musicians who treated their audience to an authentic taste of the swing era! It's hard to tell if the predominantly teen audience realized what they were witnessing here. But, I can tell you this: The Lucky Strikes are the finest swing band I've heard! This was the way it was, when Swing Was King and Lovers Swooned!

-The Two River Times, September 11, 1998